Couldn’t Resist

I just couldn’t resist going out for another 90 minutes after everybody went to bed (Julia is out of town for the weekend).  So above is the photo I forgot earlier of the shunt I put in this afternoon.  Tonight, I put in the fuel pressure sensor, and finally got around to finishing a task I’ve been putting off for almost a year.  When I bought the quickbuild kit from QSP, the quality of the work they did for me what exceptional.  There was, however, one mistake.  The distance between one of the bulkheads the main control “rod” passes through and the front support was 5mm too long.  Which means that the dang thing wouldn’t fit.  I looked and looked at looked at it, and at the time, it just wasn’t something I felt competent enough to tackle.  So I just let it go, and went on to other things.  Earlier today, I decided to take another look at it (no reason, just a random choice).  12+ months of building will change your perspective.  I took a look and decided I’d cut 5mm off of the front bushing mount, re-drill the holes, and move on.  And so I did.  What seemed daunting last summer was just another little task this summer.  Woot!  And I finally got to use the funky vice grips I bought on impulse at Harbor Freight.  They just looked way too useful to pass up.  Also took some time off from building this afternoon to take my youngest (the half-monkey, half mountain goat gymnast) to the park.  Yep, she made it to the top.  Barefoot, no less.  And wearing her bicycle helmet, which she was way too excited to take off before she shot up the rock.

Waiting for my heavy battery cable, connectors, and crimpers to come in the Big Brown Truck this week.  Shortly after that, it’ll be time to crank this bad boy over for the first time.  Well, that plus engine oil, plus gearbox oil, plus a wee bit of wiring…


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