Father’s Day Weekend

First, the plane stuff.  I got my electronic breaker panel from Ztron Labs on Friday.  Got it wired up (with clip leads) on Saturday because I just couldn’t resist trying it out.  Works as advertised, which is exactly what I wanted.  It’s light, simple, integrated, and best of all, I can change breaker values on circuits just by pushing buttons.  I like that.  Plus, I know the owner of the company, so how could I shop anywhere else?

This is Bob (below).  No, not Bob the cat we already have.  Bob the new kitten.  We got her Saturday night.  She’s a handful.

For Father’s Day, we all went down to Olympia for their annual Father’s Day Airshow.  And much fun was had by all.  It was cold, windy, and nasty and rained off and on all day, but hey, what do you expect in Western Washington in June?  I just hope the weather clears up a bit before the Arlington Fly-In next month and we don’t have to wear rain gear the whole time again like last year.  Cold in June is normal here.  Cold in July isn’t.



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