A Random Kind of Sunday

Worked on a little bit of everything today.  For one, I got the wiring harnesses made for the buttons on the sticks.  That was a serious pain, but I finally managed to make it all fit.  Looks pretty good now that the wires are all in the loom.  Just need to work out the cable routing to be sure that nothing can get caught in the control mechanism where the loom comes out of the bottom of the stick.  I also built the power cables for the breaker panel and tested it out with my landing lights (55W each, so it’s a decent enough load to test the breakers).  Also works great.

I was unhappy about all the zip ties holding cables in the engine compartment, so I started systematically going back and replacing them one by one with Adel clamps (at least the “structural” ones – I’ll leave the ones that just hold the wire bundles together in places where it won’t hurt anything if they come loose).  I’m just concerned that heat, time, and weather will cause the plastic ties to get brittle.  That could be bad.

I bolted on the Dynon manifold air pressure sensor and temporarily plumbed it with Home Depot hose.  That’ll at least let me see that it’s working.  Still need to order hose in several different sizes for various random engine plumbing bits.

Last, but not least, I started work on the panel itself.  I’m concerned about access behind the panel once the glare shield and windscreen are in place.  Right now, I can see and reach behind the panel and do whatever I like.  But that’s going to change shortly.  What I finally decided to do was mount the factory-supplied panel as designed, but with large pieces of it cut out.  Most of the instruments and switches will mount on a “faceplate” that’s held on with nutplates.  That’ll add strength to the flimsy factory panel, plus it’ll let me remove (or hinge down, haven’t decided yet) the front panel for access to the back of things.  Still haven’t worked out all the details, but I like the plan.  Got the “faceplate” cut out tonight.  Still working on working it down to the exact size of the panel behind.  Another hour or so, and that’ll be done.


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