Tires, Clamps, and Bolts

I’ve had another problem that I’ve been ignoring for over a year (yeah, I have a long list of them).  My nice big bouncy balloon tires go flat all the time.  Every day or two, I have to pump them up.  Since the plane currently spends 100% of it’s time sitting in my shop (with wooden blocks under the gear to keep the weight off the flat tires), I haven’t worried too much about it.  But it’s starting to get annoying, so I called Doug at Quality Sport Planes (the guy I bought the kit from).  Doug knows friggin’ everything about building planes, and sure enough, he had a fix.  I’ll document it here when I do it (ie, I don’t feel like typing it all up right this minute), but the short version is that it involves disassembling the wheels and reassembling them using sealant between the halves.  It might be a week or two before I get around to that project.  Or three or four, since the Arlington Fly-In is coming up in two weeks.  I only had a very short time to work today, so I clamped down another cable with an Adel clamp (that had formerly been held down by zip-ties) and I wired two large (6 gauge) hefty grounds straight from the airframe grounding block to the engine block.  Don’t want this baby coming ungrounded in the air.  That could be bad.  Well, no “could” about it.  That would mean I’m coming down, like it or not.  Hence, I took great care in building the cables, and bought very high-grade bolts from Tacoma Screw (a local company with great products and a terrible web page).  Part numbers for the bolts (in case you want your own) are 222-825-1 (for the 10×1.25×40) and 222-930-2 (for the 10×1.25×30).  Also bought washers and lock washers for good measure (it’s worth it to spend an extra buck to save a drive into town if/when I can’t find what I want in my junk box).



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