Fitting the Header Tank

I had another visitor today (above).  I have a ton of these things out in my shop.  They seem to eat flies and mosquitoes, though, so I won’t complain.  They sure are big and ugly, though.

Got the header tank test fitted into the plane, and got it all hooked up to the pumps and filters.  Nothing is mounted properly yet, and some of the hoses, wiring, and clamps are sub-standard, but the point of today was to make sure everything fit, everything worked together, and that nothing leaked.  No problems at all, everything worked perfectly.  I put a 5 gallon gas can on top of a ladder and ran two fuel lines down to the filters/pumps, and one I got the whole thing siphoning to fill the header tank, the engine started right up and ran perfectly.  Still a lot of work to do before it’s installed “for real”, but now I’m sure it’ll work once it is.  As anticipated, the sight gauge is invisible from the pilot’s seat, other than the very top inch or so of it.  Oh well, I can alway bang on the tank and see if it sounds hollow or not.  Which may or may not work with all the noise of flight.  One thing at a time.  Oh, and I need to figure out what I’m going to put under the tank to prevent the tank from wearing against the floor of the plane.  I think cork is the usual answer, but I need to figure out where I can buy thin strips or sheets of it.  Maybe a hobby store like Michael’s.  It’s on the list…


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