SkyView Sensor Configuration

I sat down with the SkyView, the manual, the engine documentation, and a big spreadsheet, and put together a first draft of my sensor configurations and placement.  I had to make up some of the numbers (for example, 220 degrees F is the max oil temperature, but what’s the minimum?  And what’s average?).  In the end, though, I mapped all of the sensors to pins and did a good first pass at the 20% and 50% engine screens.  I’ll do the 100% at some point, but that’s a lower priority (I don’t imagine I’ll fly around with no map and no PFD very often).  One thing that annoys me.  I’d love to have an 80% PFD and a 20% map, but that’s not a supported combination.  Seems really useful, though.  I’ll post the config files once I get the wiring done a do a little testing so somebody else can use it as a starting point.  I still need to mess around with placing some timers and odds and ends.


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