A Little More Wiring

I went out and got in a few more hours of building last night before dinner.  It’s really starting to look like a mess behind the panel, but not to worry.  All the wiring is cut such that I can bundle and zip-tie it into nice cables.  For now, though, there’s no point in bundling, so it looks like a bit of a mess.  I got all but three of the sensors wired up to the EMS-220.  Once I get those, plus finish re-running the fuel line properly (parts due to arrive on Wednesday), I’ll be able to run the engine again, only this time I can watch all the temps and pressures.  Jan also gave me a list of things to fix/change after seeing it in person, which have gone onto my “To Do” list.  It seems the more work I do on this plane, the longer the list of things left to do gets.


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