Panel is Nearly Done

Obviously, it needs paint, but as far as holes go, the panel is pretty nearly done.  Today, I added the ammeter, the breaker panel, and the ELT panel.  I still need to add the cigarette lighter plug, the transponder ident button, and the master caution light, but after that the only thing left is the throttle cable.  I’m not going to mount that until I get the right cable (I bought the wrong one at the swap meet).  Drilling the 2″ hole for the ammeter wasn’t fun.  I bought a hole saw (below) at McClendon’s, and it’s a darned good thing I tried it out on some scrap before I used it on the panel.  Destroyed two pieces of aluminum before I figured out some genius put the cutting blade in backwards before packaging.  Worked fine on the third try (and on the panel).  There’s a video of the engine running at the bottom.



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