Flap Controller Done and Breaker Failure

I finished up the flap controller by mounting it in a box.  Wired it up again to test (just to be sure) and it still works.  Good sign.  Now all that’s left is to mount it behind the panel.

My neighbor was over, and I was showing him my landing lights (I wired in a wig-wag that can be optionally switched on), and my jury-rigged wiring shorted out.  It nicely melted the power wire (and burned my fingers to boot when I grabbed it without thinking).  Now the breaker is horked.  No matter what value I set the breaker to, it now immediately trips as soon as I apply power.  I just sent an e-mail off to ZTron Labs support.  They’re good guys, I’m sure we’ll get this sorted out quickly.

Update:  Yep, sure enough, I got an e-mail back within two hours on a Friday night.  I LOVE companies who care about their customers.


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