Julia helped me attach the wings (temporarily) this afternoon.  The plan was to get all of the holes drilled and the struts built and attached.  The Airplane Ghods had other plans.  Unfortunately, the trailing edge of the wings protrudes a bit too far inward towards the fuselage, forcing the wings to sweep a few degrees forward.  Neither the blueprints nor the build manual mention trimming these pieces.  So I did other things.  I did go ahead and build the struts, did a bunch of electrical work, installed the fuel tank drains, and other random things that had been lingering.  I need to start on the windscreen while the weather is still warm.  I’m told the acrylic is less brittle in the heat.  I also need to remove the breaker panel for return to ZTron tomorrow when I go out and remove the wings this evening.  They’ve figured out the problem already.  Woot!


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