Replaced Breaker Panel and Built an ADHARS Mounting Bracket

The panel was looking lonely with the big gaping empty rectangle where the ZTron breaker panel used to be.  Good news, though.  ZTron identified not only the problem, but the root cause of the problem, and then fixed it so that can never happen again.  I’m back to 100% confidence in my breaker solution.  I got my replacement panel at my EAA chapter picnic earlier today and installed it when I got home.  Now the world is right again.

I’ve been noodling on how and where to install my Dynon ADHARS.  I don’t have a lot of good choices.  It needs to be away from antennas, electrical wiring, and anything steel (particularly anything steel that moves).  It needs to be accessible for service.  And it needs to be within six feet of the center of lift of the plane.  Those are terrible requirements.  It’s kind of like the old saying, “Fast, Cheap, Good.  Pick two.”  I’m having the same problem.  I can’t seem to meet all three requirements (away from electric/RF fields, away from steel, and accessible).  I’ve got several great options that meet two of the three.  If I put it out in the left wing near the pitot tube, I can’t ever get to it again once I close up the wing without drilling out a ton of rivets (plus it’s right at the six foot limit).  If I put it inside the root of the wing, it’s near the steel cockpit cage.  If I put it back behind the cargo area far enough to be away from potential issues with stuff I might throw in the back, I’m outside of my six-foot limit.  If I put it on the roof of the cargo area, I’m within a few feet of the steel cage, plus I’m within a few feet of the comm antenna and wire.  Not to mention that the roof looks like it might have a tendency to “oil-can” in flight.  I can’t seem to win.  I’m thinking I’m probably going to go the route of reinforcing a section of roof so it can’t pop up and down in flight, and go with that solution.  At least with that route, I can easily get to all of the air lines, the wiring, etc. if/when I need to some day.  It’s closer to the steel structure than I like, but at least most of that structure is stationary (with the exception of the aileron/flap pushrods).  Dunno.  All I can do is try.

In the mean time, I built some brackets to mount the darned thing.  I thought they came out rather nice (and thankfully, very even in dimensions).  The stupid ADHARS box has to be mounted within one degree of aircraft orientation in roll, pitch, and yaw.  I’m not even sure how I’ll check that, much less achieve that to begin with.  Anyway, here’s a picture of the brackets I made.  When I actually install it, I’ll use brass hardware instead of the steel hardware you see here in the photo.

My prop is on it’s way.  Maybe having the prop will finally motivate me to build rudder cables (and fill/test the brake system) so I can taxi around the yard.  Or maybe not.



2 thoughts on “Replaced Breaker Panel and Built an ADHARS Mounting Bracket

  1. I put mine near the aft edge pf the large access opening on the belly. Pilot side.

    Sent from my Android. (Sorry Steve.)

    • How does the compass work in that location? After calibrating it, was it able to ignore all of the metal in the flap/aileron mixer?

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