Viking at Full RPM

Did a series of prop pitch adjustments and ran the engine up to full power each time.  Was looking for 2500 static prop RPM, and when all was said and done, I managed 2450.  Don’t worry when you watch the video, the engine was at full operating temperature when I fired it up, I didn’t run it up to full RPM cold.  The bad news is that I discovered after I adjusted the prop for the fifth time that I wasn’t getting 100% throttle opening due to using the wrong throttle cable (it’s got about 1/2″ too little travel to hit full open).  Which means that the prop pitch I found is probably too shallow.  Oh well.  I got a lot of wrenching practice having to loosen and tighten 18 bolts each time I re-adjusted.


2 thoughts on “Viking at Full RPM

    • I’m willing in principle (once I get my engine mount re-mounted – I’m trying to get it shimmed just right). But how do I do it safely? I’m assuming you’re referring to the crankshaft position sensor, and I’m a bit concerned about getting that close to a spinning prop.

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