ZTron Labs Circuit Breakers

Somebody asked me in the comments section about using the ZTron Labs Circuit Breakers with the Zenith engine.  You can do it, but they way I’ve designed the system, the ZTron breakers have nothing to do with the engine.  A circuit diagram would help explain, but I haven’t taken the time to draw one yet.  The short version is this:

If you ignore the starter and alternator for the moment, and look at the circuit starting at the battery, the components (in order) are:

1.  The battery.

2.  Master circuit breaker.  This is a 50A unit near the pilot’s left knee.  Everything electrical in the plane, save the alternator and starter, passes through this breaker.

3.  The Dynon shunt (for measuring both voltage and current consumption of internal systems).

Here, power splits and goes independently on two branches (‘a’ and ‘b’):

4a.  Power to the pre-wired Viking engine/switch/electrical harness thingy (which I re-mounted different that Viking ships it, but didn’t change any wiring).

4b.  Power to the “Master Avionics” solenoid, controlled by a panel switch.

5a.  Power to the Viking ECU/engine.

5b.  Power to the ZTron breaker panel.

6b.  From the breaker panel to the radios, the SkyView, and six switches controlling lights, etc.

So power to the engine never flows through the ZTron breaker box.  Not for lack of trust in that device specifically, but because I wanted to minimize the number of “things” between the battery and the ECU/engine to the smallest number of connections/devices possible.  For the moment, at least, I’m using the fuses in the fuse blocks supplied by Viking as part of the pre-wired harness.  So the 20A limitation of the ZTron is not a problem for the engine, which requires at least one 25A fuse/breaker.

Clear as mud?  I’ll draw and post a diagram soon.  No time to work on the plane lately, hope to get back to it this weekend.  Had a great family camping trip last weekend, though.



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