Wing Wiring

Well, it’s not really wing wiring, it’s all of the wiring between the panel and the wings, but that’s mostly what I did yesterday.  It’s now all done and tested.  I also finally went out and bought the 5/16″ fuel injection hose for the engine (wow, that stuff is expensive).  I’ve been using just regular carb hose for all of my ground running, but it’s time to properly route and mount the fuel line instead of having it hang limply under the plane.  As one of the members of the Viking forum pointed out, the biggest design flaw of the CH-750 is the weak nose gear.  Running the fuel line on the outside of the plane where it could get crushed by a collapsing nose gear doesn’t seem like the best idea I’ve ever heard.  At the same time, running a 43 PSI fuel line through the inside of the cabin doesn’t strike me as pure genius, either.  I’ve pretty much settled on running the line outside, but I haven’t quite figured out the route.  The fuel pumps are under the co-pilot’s seat, and the fuel injection inlet on the engine is on the pilot’s side up high on the back side of the engine.  So the fuel line has to come diagonally across the plane, then up the firewall, while at the same time, staying clear of the nose strut (and clear of the area where the strut could collapse into, if that were ever to happen).  Gonna have to go lay under the plane for a while and see what comes to mind.



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