End of the World Eve

Tomorrow is the end of the world, and I’m concerned.  What should I wear?  Should I bring a flashlight?  A gun?  A coat?  A first-aid kit?  Where should I go to get the best view?  It’s very cloudy and rainy here, does that mean I’m going to miss seeing the entire thing?  Just one more day to live, and all of these unresolved questions are really bothering me.


9 thoughts on “End of the World Eve

  1. Good grief Jeff, get that Viking running right first, THEN worry about what to wear etc. I cannot fathom ending the world with such important stuff like getting a Viking to run right still pending. Get the priorities correct!

  2. You’re right. Unfortunately, I’ve been travelling for work the past few days, and haven’t had any opportunity to work on the engine. I’m back now, but still won’t get any plane time until this weekend at the earliest (assuming this weekend actually comes).

  3. Jeff,

    I’m an hour behind Pacific Time so give me a heads up when it starts (if able).


    Sent from my Android. (Sorry Steve.)

  4. Well that was disappointing, worst end of the world EVER! Lol well, now I’m looking forward to you getting that bird in the air 🙂 best of luck!!

  5. I am still on edge waiting for what is the problem with your Viking. Something to mention here, Jan and I disagree on the proper filtration for the injectors. Common knowledge seems to be that you need to filter down to 10 microns just before the injectors to protect them. The pumps need to be protected down to 80-100 micron levels.
    The fuel filters furnished with the Viking have no rated filtration whatever! In addition, I put a fuel pressure sensor after the pressure regulator, and again AFTER the FI filter, so I can see the condition of the filters on the Skyview!. I decided to use metal filters with stainless screens (for easy cleaning), a 10 micron one before the FI, and larger ones before the pumps.
    I looked over my Honda Fit factory manual, and I cannot find any reference to any filttration at the injectors themselves. I would not consider the injectors to be something you can “clean” if clogged, a new injector would be in order for me if that happens to be the problem.
    You can see some of my solution on my kitlog here: http://www.mykitlog.com/users/display_log.php?user=DonFromTX&project=1903&category=0&log=139233&row=86

    • I understand, I’d sure like to know myself. Haven’t had much time to work on the plane between Thanksgiving and now. I’ve swapped the plugs, swapped the coils, checked the compression, checked the wiring (to the degree possible), visually inspected the injectors (to the degree possible), and replaced the fuel. I’m down to replacing injectors. I’m not sure I’d fly on an injector I’d cleaned, but trying to clean one to get the engine running right (so I can stop spending money on other non-fixes) would be nice. Problem is, none of the local parts stores carry them. I can (hopefully) either buy them from a dealer or find them online somewhere. Haven’t had time to work on either. Or I guess I could start hitting up junkyards, but they’re all a 90-minute plus drive from here, and it’s a huge pain in the butt. It’s starting to get old, I’d really rather be working on the plane than the engine.

      I do have an additional filter in line beyond what Jan supplies. I bought a fuel-injection filter (I think it’s for an Acura) and put in in-line about twelve inches prior to the fuel injection rail. My hope is that it will work as a final filter for junk in the gas.

      It’s probably going to be the coming weekend before I do anything else with the plane, given my work (travel) schedule and Christmas. Hopefully I can locate an injector by then. Guess I’ll start calling junk yards on Wednesday. I may also go out and hang an oscilloscope on both the injector lines and the coil lines (on the input side) and make sure I’m seeing pulses. Still no sign of an ECU wiring diagram from Viking, which is frustrating.

      • An old trouble shooting trick, change injector 4 with another one. Run the engine a few minutes (on 3 cyl probably) and then shut it off. By feeling, the plug for the cylinder that is not firing will be cool, the one firing will be hot. If this changes the dead cyl to another place, easy – you need a new injector! If you cannot reach the plug with a finger to feel temp, an infa-red non contact thermometer will do the trick very well also.
        Another old trick, take one of your old spark plugs, hook on the coil on plug to it, ground it to the engine and crank. You can see if there is any spark getting to the plug, if none they continue checking wires until you find the culprit. Keep the plug grounded to the engine and you won’t hurt the coil. There also exists cheap non contact neon bulb affair that you can pass close to the plug to see if it is firing.

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