TSA ‘Tards

This is a cheap crappy (but handy) made-in-some-third-world-hellhole box knife I bought at Harbor Freight Tools a couple of years ago.  What does it have to do with planes?  Well, two things.  First, I use it to open tons of shipping boxes (mostly parts from Aircraft Spruce), cut fuel injection hose for the plane, and any other cutting task I don’t want to use one of my nice folders for.  Second, do you know where I found it earlier this afternoon?  In the bottom of my computer bag.  Which means that it went through TSA Security Theater Airport Screening Checkpoints three times in the last week:  first in Seattle, second in Portland, then finally in Spokane.  Thank God the TSA is here to keep us safe from…  Well, whatever it is they do.  Remember the good ol’ days when the worst part of air travel was the airlines themselves?  Well, the airlines haven’t gotten any better, but at least the TSA has given the flying public something far more substantial to be mad about – the violation of their 4th Amendment rights by minimum wage government employees every time they walk into an airport.  Anyway, it’s not like this is the first time this has happened.  In fact, I’ve discovered pocketknives in my carry-on luggage three times in the last couple of years after arriving at my destination.  My favorite, though, was arriving at my hotel in San Jose only to discover a half dozen live .22LR rounds in my shirt pocket.  I promptly pitched them into the weeds behind the hotel parking lot.  I probably shouldn’t fly the same day I go to the gun range.

Anyway, on the one hand, I should probably be more careful about what ends up in my computer bag.  On the other hand, it actually doesn’t really seem to make that much difference.  Don’t worry, though.  Soon the TSA will be unionized.  That will certainly help.


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