Engine Progress (but I’m still not happy)

First of all, here’s a photo of the plugs.  You’ll notice the plug all the way on the right doesn’t have the same healthy grey coloration of the other three (the first one is darker in the photo because of poor lighting, it actually matches the middle two).  Good news, though.  I swapped the #4 spark plug and fuel injector with the #1 spark plug and fuel injector, and the engine is running almost right.  But I’m still not happy, because I don’t know why it’s running so much better.  Until I can prove to myself what’s going on here, there’s no way I’d go up (not that the plane is ready for that, anyway).  It’s almost not 100% right, but it’s certainly progress, and I’m pleased about that bit.  I may get a little more time on Tuesday to work, I’ll see what I can do then.  This is a frustrating time of year to be working on a plane.  Life is busy.


7 thoughts on “Engine Progress (but I’m still not happy)

  1. Sounds like progress, or at least more information. Is it possible that the same problem still exists, but has been transferred to the other cylinder, and that the problem does not manifest itself exactly the same on the other cylinder, hence the milder symptoms?

  2. Just went out and started the engine again after letting it cool for a few hours. The good news is that it started immediately. No more cranking until the battery is dead, like before. The bad news is that it’s still pretty darned rough while running. At least now I feel like I’m narrowing the problem down.

  3. I was looking hard at the Viking, but I got a O-235 for a price that I couldn’t turn down.

    Hmm…I’ve worked on a lot of Honda’s before, I’ve seen coils go and even if it’s running on three cylinders it will still start easily, it will run rough, but starting is usually not an issue. Something else is going on. It does this on both the ECU’s? What is Jan thinking the problem is? He must have tested the engine before shipping it out? Is there a way to test the ECU’s? Hope it works out…General Aviation is in dire need of a non-raping priced solid engine! I’ve, so far, heard really good things about it. Hope you figure it out.

    • Nice! That’s a nice motor. Jan is pretty certain it’s injectors. I’ve got e-mails out trying to find a used set of injectors (I’m really not excited about spending $400 for a new set). He said he’s seen this before in the shop, and injectors tends to fix it. No problems with the engine prior. Runs like a clock. I’m not really worried, I have faith in the engine, it’s just some annyoing minor little thing that I haven’t managed to track down yet. In spite of the amount of calendar time that’s elapsed since this started, I haven’t actually spent all that much time on the plane itself. It’s the time of year where it’s hard to find ten minutes to spare. I may go work on it today, but two things are against me: one, I have no spare fuel injectors to try swapping in; and two, it’s so cold outside that the world is covered in a layer of ice. Not my favorite “work on metal things with sharp edges” kind of weather.

      • It’s nice to know that the engine will still run with an injector down! Could mean the difference in landing on asphalt or someone’s back yard.

        Being from canada (the land of the 1 week summer lol) I’d be interested to hear how the engine runs in below freezing temps if if you can get her sorted out soon.

        Good luck! And thanks again for blogging all of this good information.

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