Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I’m afraid I’m not getting much work done on the plane right now.  Given how crazy my job is right now, plus the fact that my shop is three-sided (ie, one side open to the weather) and given that the weather has been below freezing, snowing, and/or “slushing” for a couple of weeks, I just haven’t been real motivated to get outside and build.  Sharp metal and freezing temperatures just don’t go well together.  I have a little space heater out there, but without that third wall, it only warms a space about three feet in diameter.  Not enough to do the job, just enough to take the frost off my fingers when I pause to warm them.  I still need to get my engine running, plus a hundred other things, and no doubt I’ll continue to do that.  But serious forward progress has probably slowed down for the next two or three months, until the edge comes off the weather.  It is, in fact, snowing hard as I type this.  Here’s the view from the kitchen window:

I’ve also re-started an old blog I used to have.  Figured I’d split off all the non-plane-building stuff so the builders don’t have to put up with my other hobbies and rants (politics, ham radio, electronics, photography, etc).  If you’re interested, you’ll find it here (though as this is being posted, there’s no content over there yet, and there probably won’t be for a day or so, given all that’s going on this week).



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