SkyView Upgrade

I upgraded my SkyView to 5.1 tonight.  No visible changes that I’ve seen yet, but honestly, I didn’t have more than about five minutes to poke at it before I had to run.  The upgrade didn’t work quite as expected, I had to upgrade one file at a time.  The system refused to see the single big upgrade file as valid, and sort of did a half-assed try, then returned to the main menu.  Upgrading one file at a time worked just fine.

Can’t wait to get my Dynon goodies.  They’ve announced their new radio and intercom.  I got to play with both a few months ago, but was sworn to secrecy.  They’re both quite nice, and the radio is pretty innovated.  “Interesting” frequencies are pushed to the radio over the serial connection, then you just push the appropriate button on the front of the radio to switch to tower, ground, ATC, etc.  You can also dial in frequencies in the traditional manner.


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