Back To It

I worked on the plane over the weekend again, finally.  Beautiful weather here.  Warmer today than the warmest day all last Summer, if I’m not mistaken.  I rolled the plane out of the shop and into the sunshine yesterday, and beheld the mess that it is.  All winter long, it underwent cycles of damp, then dust.  Then damp, then dust.  So the entire plane has a nasty, dirty crust on it.  Plus, it was entirely filled with tools and parts that accumulated over the months it was too cold and wet to go out and work.  So the major project was cleaning and organizing.  Also a lot of testing, as I couldn’t remember precisely where I’d left off on every little thing.  As a bonus, Warren (from ZTron Labs) came over to debug some odd behavior I had seen in my circuit breaker panel.  By and large, it turned out to not be a big deal, though he did give me the latest firmware (available on his company page) that fixed a few nagging little things.  It was good to get out and bleed on the sharp metal edges again.  It’s been too long.  The weather is supposed to hold until Saturday, so I may round up some help and put the wings on this week.  I’d love to get the struts cut and fitted, then get the plane back into the stop before the next rain (currently scheduled for Sunday).


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