Two Little Things and One Big One

I did a little of of electrical work to start out.  Added a shield to the DB9 on the ADHARS and wired the coax to the main comm antenna on the roof of the cabin.

Then, for no good reason at all, I decided today would be the day I finally sat in my airplane for the first time.  I’ve been working on it for two solid years now, and it was just time.  So I built the pilot side seat (didn’t cover it, of course), and climbed in and had a seat.  Fit nicely.  Tons of head room, even for someone as tall as me (6’4″).  I’m going to build the pilot’s seat all the way back (for maximum leg room).  Unfortunately, that means my seat back won’t fold down to load stuff in the back.  Small price to pay for two extra inches of leg room.  I’ll put the passenger seat two inches forward, so big items can be loaded from that side.

Why is this a big deal?  I’m told by those who have gone before me that there are three major things you remember when building a plane.  Two are obvious:  the day you bring the kit home, and the day you make your first flight.  But the most important of all is the first day you get to sit inside, wiggle the controls, and make airplane noises.  Vroom vroom, rat-a-tatta-tat!  Curse you, Red Baron!



2 thoughts on “Two Little Things and One Big One

  1. Jeff

    I am also 6’4″ and put my seat all the way back but I raised it to the level of the baggage compartment and it folds down nicely and I still have plenty of head room.


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