Ranger Creek 21W

Didn’t work on the plane this weekend.  Julia took Morgan to a swim meet in Eastern Washington, and Joshua wasn’t home, so Abby and I spent the weekend doing stuff together.  In preparation for camping season, one of the things we did was head to the mountains to look for new campsites (not happy with any of the ones we’ve found thus far).  Decided to go in a completely different direction and head down towards Mount Rainier.  Turned out to be a wise choice.  I started looking at maps, and found a nice-looking campground on the grounds of a firefighting airstrip in the mountains.  Doesn’t get any better than that.  We headed out, and when we arrived, we were pretty pleased with what we found.  The strip is called Ranger Creek.  The State of Washington DOT page for it is here, and the AirNave page is here.  There are also a couple of nice youtube videos here (ignore the flight sim ones).  It’s quiet, peaceful, beautiful, and there’s lots of nice campsites all up and down both sides of the strip.  It’s only at 2500ft elevation, so even in summer, density altitude should be a non-issue unless you’re trying to do mountain flying at full gross.  This place is going to be high on my list once I get my plane flying and fly off the initial 40 hours.

After checking out the camp site, we did a little exploring on the Forest Service roads.  Saw some beautiful country.  Finally got stopped by snow about 4500ft.  If I’d been in the Unimog, I’d have forged on ahead, but it was a bit deep and nasty for the Sierra.  Seeing as how discretion is the better part of valor, we turned around and went back the way we came.




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