If this whole NSA spying on your private mail, files, etc. thing is bugging you like it is me, there’s an interesting new bit of freeware for securely exchanging messages (anonymously, if desired).  Have a look here.  My address (well, the one I’m giving out publicly, anyway) is BM-2D9MBCDSsi7VR7zH59F5swp3TDcbdedFzA if you’d like to try it out.  I’m not 100% certain I’m sold yet, but I’m interested enough to give it a try.  It’s based on the technologies pioneered with Bitcoin, and if you read the whitepaper, it’s pretty intriguing.  I had no trouble getting it to build and run on Linux and Mac, and there is an .exe available for Windows, so you don’t even have to build anything from source.  For Linux and Mac, just make sure you’re running a recent build of python (I’m running 2.7.5), a recent sqlite (I’m running v3), an openssl with all of the options enabled (some don’t have ECC support compiled in for legal reasons, make sure you don’t disable that), and pyqt (I’m using pyqt4).  Nice UI, and a nice simple client.  No doubt there will be more polished clients soon if this catches on.

As a side note, I’ve encrypted all of my Dropbox content (using encfs – it’s open source, and available for Mac, Linux, and Windows, so I can still use all of my files regardless of which machine I’m using).  I think I’m also going to go delete the past nine years or so of gmail that I’ve accumulated and keep it pruned down to recent mail only.  There’s a lot of good reasons to do that, one of them being subpoenas.  If you don’t have the data, you can’t be subpoenaed for it.  And use PGP/GnuPG (ie, enigmail) and Thunderbird (rather than the native gmail front end) from now on as much as possible.  That will keep at least casual snooping (as well as the lawyers) at bay.

No, this has nothing to do with building an airplane.  But we all have to have a day job…


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