Gascolator For Sale

I’ve collected some random airplane bits that I don’t need while building, and it suddenly occurred to me yesterday that these things have value.  Before I put this on ebay, I thought I’d ask here, first.  I’ve got an ACS Part Number 10580 Gascolator that came with my Zenith CH-750 kit.  Since I’ve installed a fuel-injected engine, I don’t need (and in fact can’t use it).  It’s brand new, but kind of dirty, having sat in my shop for two years (spotless on the inside, as it’s got the little red caps in each opening).  Never been installed.  It’s stock, except Zenith welded three tabs on the base of it to make it easier to mount.  Aircraft Spruce sells these for $79.50 (see here).  I’ll sell this one for $50, plus shipping of your choice.  I’ll take bitcoin, paypal, or cash.  Would obviously prefer to sell locally, but I’m flexible.  Send me a message if you’re interested.

I’ve got a bunch of other random things I’ll post for sale soon, as well.  I’ve got a brand-new set of throttle, pitch, mixture cables I picked up that I won’t be needing that I’ll add here at some point.


8 thoughts on “Gascolator For Sale

      • Hi Jeff, we built two 701s, sold both. Building a Kitfox now with an O200. Zenith has a good design in the 750.

        Unfortunately for me I already bought a gascolator, just like the one you have. Paid $40.00 more too. Oh well.

        Are you flying yet?

        Tommy Walker in Alabama. On Mar 1, 2016 9:23 AM, “Jeff Builds a Plane” wrote:

        > Jeff commented: “Yep, nobody ever bought it.” >

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