Luftwaffe Day

The Flying Heritage Collection, arguably the Seattle area’s coolest airplane museum (though there’s some stiff competition) is flying their FW-190D, their Bf-109, and their Fiesler Storch (arguably, three of their coolest airplanes) this weekend.  Not something you see every day, to put it mildly.

Other museums to see if you’re in the area:

Plus, of course, the coolest thing anybody on the planet is doing with airplanes (the Stormbird Me-262 Project) is here, too.

There are undoubtedly more that I don’t remember, but this is enough to keep you busy for a few weekends.  The Historic Flight Foundation and the Flying Heritage Collection are among my favorites because they actually go out and fly their planes; they don’t just sit in a building on display (some of the others do, as well, but these guys focus on that as their main priority).



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