Ok, this isn’t a movie review blog, but I just have to mention this.  My wife and I took our youngest and two of her friends to see Planes yesterday.  And I’ll spare you the details (of which you can find everywhere you look all over the Internet) and just say this.  If you ignore the fact that the planes have conversations with each other, and if you ignore the take-offs and landings (nearly all of which happen in way too short of a distance), the movie Planes has the most realistic flying airplanes of any movie I’ve ever seen.  Which is kind of sad and weird, given that there are an awful lot of plane movies in existence, and Planes is a cartoon made for kids.  But there it is.  I actually found myself saying, “But planes can’t *DO* that!” far less often than, to pick a plane movie at random, Red Tails.  The story isn’t as strong as Cars, but it’s still pretty good, and the girls all loved it.  Oh yeah, and the only way a cropduster will ever got 318knots is in the cargo compartment of a 747.  But that’s easy to forgive, given the fact that the writers/directors/producers clearly went out of their way to actually learn something about planes (and their history) before they tried to make a movie about them.  Well done, Hollywood.  And that’s not something I say very often.


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