House Fire

My wife and I woke up this morning just before 3am to a series of massive explosions, roaring fire, and shouting voices through the woods at the east end of our property at one of our neighbors’ houses.  Looks to me like the explosions were propane tanks, which almost completely removed the garage from the house (just a guess, nothing has hit the paper yet).  What was left of the garage was a twisted wreck (notice the one garage door that’s buckled and collapsed).  Nobody was home.  Firemen got the bird (parrot?) out, and the dogs were missing, but assumed to be in the woods.  Haven’t gone back over there to see what’s left in the daylight.

I thought it was cool that as the fire was winding down, firemen were salvaging what they could from the undamaged part of the house and piling it in the yard.  I assume to either protect it from water damage or in case the fire got going again.  They brought out furniture, paintings, and lots of other random things and put them in the yard.

There’s some residual smoke left in the air this morning, but otherwise nothing to indicate what happened last night.  Thank God the woods didn’t catch fire, or that could have gotten pretty exciting for all of us in the area.


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