The Radio

I got the new Dynon radio wired up to pilot and copilot jacks for headsets.  Had a few misfires on the wiring (you’d think by now I’d be able to count pins properly on D-shell connectors, but alas, no).  Once I got those straightened out, both the radio and the intercom worked rather well.  I also wired the SkyView into the intercom, which was fun, and I’d never been able to hear the voice warnings and notifications from the SkyView before today.

I switched the airframe-mounted antenna and cable back and forth between the Dynon radio and my Icom A24, with both being able to hear approximately the same signals pretty much equally well.  In my book, that’s a big win.  The A24 is a great little radio, and the Dynon seems just as sensitive.  I’m very pleased.  Only problem I’m having is some noise getting into the audio when I’m down around 120mhz or so.  Given the nature of the noise (approximately five bursts per second) and given the fact that I stupidly ran the antenna coax in parallel with the serial GPS connection for at least six feet, I’m pretty sure I know exactly what it is.  Tomorrow’s project is to attempt to re-route the antenna coax on a completely different path.  Which will be a real joy, given that these runs are in sealed up areas (underneath the pilot’s seat).  It’ll be worth it to get rid of the noise.  I still need to wire the two PTT buttons, which I’m told are another potential source of noise.  Might have to re-wire the buttons with shielded wire.  We’ll find out soon enough.  At least those I can still get to.

As one last test today, I ran the engine with the radio on.  I wanted to see if either electric fuel pump noise or fuel injection/computer noise was going to be a problem with the Viking engine.  I was able to hear fuel pump noise, but only by performing unnatural acts (placing a finger on the mic audio connection).  That’s a non-issue.  No noise whatsoever that I would attribute to fuel injection or the engine computer.  Again, I was very pleased.

So basically, I just need to re-route my antenna wire and make sure I don’t pick up anything via the PTT wires, and the radio is pretty much good to go.  Not a bad day’s work.


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