The New Dynon Skyview


Today was one of those random lucky “Right Place at the Right Time” things.  I happend to be at the Dynon building dropping off some gear with a buddy of mine about nine this morning.  Which also happened to be the same time Dynon announced their “New Dynon Skyview” product.  And I got to see it in person.  And it’s cool.  Really really cool.  First, they added a touch screen.  You can pan and zoom maps with your fingers, and touch things you want more info on (like aiports).  It’s a lot like having ForeFlight (for the iPad) integrated with your Skyview.  I love ForeFlight, and I love Skyview.  Neat to see similar functionality built into the panel.  The best part is, all of the old buttons and knobs continue to operate as before, meaning when you’re bumping around on a hot summer day, you can stick with the tactile buttons and run everything the way you’re used to.  There are also two new modules with the same form factor as the radio and intercom.  There’s a small panel with knobs for barometric pressure, altitude, and heading, and a second that’s a full-blow autopilot panel.  It doesn’t so anything you couldn’t already do, but it sure makes it a lot more convenient.  The autopilot panel only works in advanced autopilot mode.  But I’ll probably add it, anyway, with the assumption that I’ll use it later.  Easier to add it now than retrofit it later.  The only catch is that I’m about 15mm short of having enough space in my panel to put the two new modules next to the existing radio and intercom.  If I’d just put the crash beacon panel 2cm more to the right, they’d fit perfectly, all in a row.  I’ll have to do some thinking on that.  I’ll bet I can come up with something.  It’s hard to uncut holes in aluminum.  Surely I’m not the first (or last) person to deal with “moving” holes around in sheet metal.

Anyway, that’s the new hardware, but honestly, the thing I’m most excited about is the new software.  As you can see in the image above (and on their new web page), they’ve got a “legacy six-pack mode” that does away with all the fancy strips and tapes and gives you simulated old-school analog instruments.  Now I’m about as high-tech as a guy can get, but I really really like analog instruments.  I don’t care what the human factors guys say, I can read them more easily, more quickly, and more intuitively.  I have a feeling that I (and a whole lot of other people) will be using this mode.  And of course it runs on the non-touch screen Skyviews, so we’re in luck.  Can’t wait for the code to be posted so I can download it and try it out.


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