Smile for the Camera

Now’s your chance to be famous.  I just pulled up Flightradar24 on my laptop on a whim, and noticed a plane (N5549A) flying an odd pattern over Whidbey Island and Stanwood.  Looks like it’s flying a search pattern of some kind.  A quick search on the tail number shows it’s a Cessna 210 owned by a photographic service out of Oregon.  A little more googling shows that they’ve got an affiliation with Microsoft.  Best guess is that they’re doing imaging for Bing Maps.  So now’s the time to go put something funny in your back yard for the plane to see so you can be on Bing.  Spell out your initials using lawn chairs and towels or something.  Funny coincidence, I had my plane rolled out of my shop in my yard the last time the Google Maps plane came over, so you can see the plane and one wing sitting out in the grass.

Edit:  below is a screen capture from my phone a couple of hours later.  Looks like he was a busy guy today.


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