Plan B

Ok, I didn’t do anything that I planned to earlier today.  I went out and started getting ready to work on the wing, and the avionics shelf I built last Summer caught my eye.  It’s been bugging me that I never got around to mounting anything on it.  I just kind of have the boxes clamped down with wood clamps to hold them in place while I run things.  So I mounted the Dynon comm radio, the Dynon ADS-B radio, and the Viking ECU.  I also ran the engine up to full temperature to burn all the humidity out of it.  Love living in the freezing damp rain forest.  Where anything made of steel rusts within days.  I also did a fair amount of cleaning to get the shop grime (as well as dust, dirt, and mold/mildew) off of everything.  Fortunately, next to nothing in the way of aluminum corrosion.  Just a little bit of surface corrosion here and there that cleaned up nicely with a rag.  Last, but not least, I did a bunch of “paperwork” (documentation).  Some day, I’m gonna want to know where each wire goes.  Some day long after they’re all covered up by riveted panels.  So I try to keep the notebook up to date with schematics, drawings, and photos.

I really need to take the time to do an inventory and order parts, but that just really isn’t fun.  So I keep putting it off.  And next weekend is the Arlington Fly-In, so it’s not going to happen then.  Maybe the weekend after.  Meanwhile, I hope the Fly-In doesn’t suck like it has the past two years.  Hardly any visitors, vendors, or planes.  Hardly worth the hour drive.  And it used to be the third-largest (and one of the best) in the country.  Those days are long gone.  But I’ll go, anyway, just to see.  And probably buy some random goodies in the swap tent.  At least that’s stayed good.






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