Time to Paint the Panel

The very last thing on the list to put into the panel (or so I thought, until I remembered just one more thing) was the key switch.  I finally put that in on Saturday, then started dismantling the panel for cleaning and painting.

Here it is minus about half of the controls and instruments.  Looks sad.  I also pulled the prop off the engine, as I got really tired of walking around it going back and forth to the other side of the cockpit to reach things.

At this point, it looks like the project has been set back about two years.  No worries, the newly painted panel will go in soon, then the wiring will all get added very tidy-like.

I made the mistake of using masking tape for temporary switch labels.  Which actually would have been fine if I hadn’t left it there for eighteen months.  By the time I tried to remove it, the paper was completely dried out and the glue was a sticky mess.  I peeled the paper off one tiny bit at a time with fingernails, then used WD-40 to take the glue off.  Worked like magic.  Just spray, count to thirty, and wipe with a paper towel.

Of course, the WD-40 left an oily film on the aluminum, so I had to wash it carefully (three times) to get it really clean.  I remembered I have to add keepers for the eight toggle switches, so I actually have eight more very small holes to drill.  Then I need to read up on preparing aluminum for painting before I do anything that’s difficult to undo.  I also need to figure out which scratches will show through paint and which won’t.  I may have some small scratches to buff out.  Or however you remove them.  Yet another thing to figure out…  Won’t be this coming weekend; I’ve already got too much going on.  Maybe the following.


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