USB and More Paint

Today’s project was to add a USB port to the center console, then paint the whole thing.  The USB port is for plugging in a USB thumb drive to the Dynon SkyView without having to crawl up underneath the panel.  This is for software updates, map updates, and uploading flight plans (though that bit can now be done via WiFi from the ol’ iPad).

I found these USB panel mount widgets at MicroCenter in Denver on one of my business trips.  Handy.

Here’s the first coat of paint.  Obviously, there are still some shiny spots to get on the second and/or third coats.


One thought on “USB and More Paint

  1. Just read through years worth of your blog! LOTS of reading but very well documented! Im working on getting my sports pilots license now, after that I plan to start a 750 like yourself. How does it feel looking back on it? Im glad you never quit and are still making progress. I wish I was closer so I could come gawk at it!

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