Back in Black

Finally (yeah, I know) back at it again.  I started putting the panel back in the plane, and cleaning up the wiring.  The initial wiring job worked, but was a disaster of a spider web.  Just like everything else with building a plane, you do everything a minimum of twice.  First time to figure out how, second time to do it right.  Still not quite back to the point where I can run the engine (technically, it will run, but I don’t have all the sensors, like oil pressure, wired back up, so it would be a bad idea).  Hope to start getting back at it again on a regular basis here very soon.  It’s finally warmed up to t-shirt weather here.  Well, as often as not, at least.  Maybe not today.  Today is wet and cold.

I’ve skipped a lot of posts over the last few months.  I got a nice flight in a Lockwood AirCam (that was a hoot), and I still haven’t posted my photos from the Museum of the United States Air Force from last year.  At some point, I’ll catch up on all that.  Yeah, that’s the ticket…



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